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Shehla Ebrahim, MD

dr-shehla-ebrahimDr. Ebrahim is a family physician with a focused dermatology practice who has been practicing in medicine since 1992. As she helped patients achieve healthier, happier lives, she developed a special interest in the unique challenges and rewarding experiences that come with cosmetic and general dermatologic care. She believes that, in addition to safety and efficacy, the patient experience should always be one of the highest priorities, and she strives to provide exceptional results with a personal touch for every individual. An advocate of continued education, she is currently pursuing board certification in aesthetic medicine to help ensure patients receive the utmost care in every treatment.

Dr. Ebrahim earned her medical degree from the University of British Columbia. She then received additional training and certification from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP), where she also completed a fellowship. After discovering her passion for skincare, Dr. Ebrahim studied practical dermatology at the University of Cardiff in Wales. She also trained in numerous laser and light-based therapies to develop a proficiency in the most advanced skincare techniques available. An advocate of natural-looking, non-surgical aesthetic enhancement, she utilizes a comprehensive selection of cosmetic treatments to create individualized treatment plans tailored to suit the unique goals of each patient.

Christopher Pavlou, MD

drpDr. Pavlou appreciates the value aesthetic medicine has for many patients. He believes that numerous individuals gain an increased sense of self-worth and enhanced confidence when they achieve their cosmetic goals, and he endeavors to provide a singular experience for all patients by listening attentively to their unique concerns, informing them of all options available, and helping them obtain their desired outcome. Furthermore, he is actively seeking board certification in aesthetic medicine to optimize the patient experience from consultation to recovery.

A graduate of the University of Pretoria, Dr. Pavlou relocated to Canada before pursuing additional education in aesthetic medicine. After he completed specialized training in BOTOX® injections and dermal fillers in Vancouver, he decided to make the city his new home. While he still maintains a full-time family practice, Dr. Pavlou also enjoys performing cosmetic rejuvenation procedures, which offer a distinctive challenge and rewarding experience.



Marouska Smith

Marouska pictureMarouska has been working with Dr. Ebrahim since 2013. She originally joined Afterglow Physician Directed Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Ebrahim’s other skincare practice in Vancouver, as a Client Coordinator, and then she moved over to Ambleside Dermedics to provide CoolSculpting™ treatments as a certified specialist. She returned to the workforce after taking an eight-year break to stay home with her children, and she is the proud mother of two boys and one stepdaughter. An outdoor enthusiast and a Certified Ski Instructor, she can be found practicing yoga, swimming, and training with her boys’ ski racing club.

Terry Almeida

TerryTerry has been working with Dr. Ebrahim for over 10 years as a laser practitioner, and she has over 15 years experience in the field of cosmetic enhancement. She feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Furthermore, she believes that innovations in technology and treatment can help her provide the best care possible to her patients, and she strives to deliver an exceptional experience that leaves individuals feeling happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Bushra Salvino

Bushra pictureBushra is also a Client Coordinator for Ambleside Dermedics, and as one of the newest members of the team she brings with her a friendly, engaging personality that is always eager to provide a superlative patient experience. She is currently training to be a laser practitioner and Physician’s Assistant to provide the best care possible to our patients. She earned her degree from the Lucie Clayton Charm Academy in London, and she has an enduring passion for beauty and fashion. She currently resides with her husband and four children on Vancouver’s North Shore.


ailishAilish is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for helping people. She believes in taking care of oneself inside and out. As a Client Coordinator, she aims to make every experience at our clinic enjoyable and comfortable. With more than 16 years of customer service behind her, she is dedicated to providing our clients with the best care possible and addressing all their questions and concerns. She lives in North Vancouver with her family and enjoys spending time on the beautiful trails right outside her door.

Raj Kang

rajRaj Kang is one of our Medical Assistants/Nurse and Laser Practitioners. Raj received her nursing degree in India and her Cosmetic Laser and Advanced Aesthetic Skin Care certificate from British Columbia Academy of Medical Aesthetics and Skin Care. Raj enjoys providing exceptional care to the clients.

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