FemiLift: For a Better Feminine Life

How to Improve Your Feminine Well-Being with FemiLift

Our feminine health is very important. It can affect our day-to-day activities much more than we are willing to admit–from exercise routines to intimate relationships. Our bodies are changing as we age due to childbirth, hormone changes, menopause, and surgery, and these changes can affect us in many ways.

Fortunately, there are options available to address some of the most pressing concerns!

FemiLift is a breakthrough technology designed to improve female intimate aesthetics and function in several areas, including:

– Urinary Incontinence

– Vaginal Laxity and Dryness

– Painful Intercourse

According to our patients, this non-surgical procedure can give you fabulous results.

The FemiLift treatment is designed to stimulate the mucous membranes of the vagina, improve blood circulation, and rejuvenate the vaginal lining.

This is a minimally invasive, virtually painless procedure with little or no downtime. You can go right back to your daily activities immediately following your appointment. Even better, the actual procedure takes about 10 minutes per treatment. Regardless of your age, FemiLift offers a quick, safe, painless experience for most individuals. We recommend three treatments, scheduled approximately one month apart, to realize optimal results.

It’s time to get back on that trampoline!

AilishFemiLift: For a Better Feminine Life

Dr. Ebrahim Featured in Medical Spa MD Article

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim was recently published in a feature article on Medical Spa MD. She shared information about her background and what led her to pursue cosmetic medicine. She also talked about managing two busy clinics and their staff, information on her current technology of choice, profitable treatments, and her marketing strategy.

Her personal tip for success:

Having passion is the number one criterion if you want to be successful in this industry.
Everything else will happen effortlessly and money will come wherever it is supposed to come from as long as you are first happy without it. Treat your employees with respect. Honour and always thank them for their efforts in helping your business grow.

Read the full article here.

For more information on the treatments available with Dr. Ebrahim please visit either of her locations, Afterglow Skin Care or Ambleside Dermedics.

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Three Tips for Healthy Skin

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we all think about improving ourselves, doing things differently and better.

A great way to skip into spring is by eating well to promote healthy skin. Let’s face it, we all want to look our best, but sometimes life just gets in the way. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat,” and beautiful skin starts from within. Eating the right foods will feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay selfie-ready and to boost the effectiveness of your skin care routine. Optimise your nutrition by eating a colourful, balanced diet full of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and drinking pure water. These tips can help you nourish your skin from the inside out.

Nutrients that are needed for glowing skin include beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Here are three easy steps to incorporate into your daily routine to promote healthy, radiant skin:

1) Drink 8 – 10 glasses of pure water a day.

You’ve heard it before, and it still holds true.

Drinking water regularly not only hydrates your skin but it also flushes out toxins. Even a little dehydration can make your skin look dry and tired. Adding a squeeze of lemon can increase your daily vitamin C intake, while helping to flush those toxins through your system.

2) Add healthy fats to your diet.

Yes, there is such a thing.

These types of fats are found in avocados – yum! – nuts, seeds, and oily fish and act as a natural moisturizer for your skin. You will also get a healthy dose of vitamin E from avocado, almonds, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds. This can help protect your skin from cell damage as well as promoting healthy skin growth.

Added bonus: healthy fats are good for our brain health as well!

3) Eat 6+ servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

Free radicals, from pollution, smoking, and even sunlight, can cause wrinkles and age your skin. Fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help protect your skin from these harmful external factors. Carrots and sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, while blueberries, kiwis, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, and sweet potatoes all contain vitamin C, which will aid in collagen production.

Looking for more tips to get the best skin of your life? Talk to our skilled team today to schedule a consultation.

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What Is Melasma?

Melasma is a skin condition most commonly found in women between the ages of 20 and 50 years-old, although it can affect men as well. It usually looks like small, brown patchy discolouration marks on the face, which is called hyperpigmentation. It can be partly caused by sun damage, and this concern can also be due to a genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, use of birth control pills, or pregnancy. Melasma tends to be most common during the reproductive years and often becomes more noticeable during the summer months. Olive-toned and darker skin types tend to have a higher incidence rate of melasma.

There are highly effective and minimally invasive options available to address this issue. Dr. Shehla Ebrahim can customize your treatment plan to achieve the results you desire. Treatment options can include:

  • Topical creams
  • Vigilant use of UVA/UVB sunscreen with SPF 50
  • And skin resurfacing treatment

For more information please visit our website for more information or call our office to schedule a private consultation to discuss your personal goals.

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Five-Star Service: CoolSculpting® Technician Receives Glowing Appraisal

At Ambleside Dermedics, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and results with every treatment we provide. Marouska Smith, our certified CoolSculpting® technician, employs this very patient-focused approach when performing CoolSculpting® treatments. Unbeknownst to her, a mystery shopper recently called into our practice. We are proud to announce that Marouska received a top score by the independent reviewer. The areas of analysis were:

  • Customer Service
  • Knowledge
  • Costs
  • Ability to Answer Questions Clearly

Congratulations to Marouska for her outstanding service! As acknowledgement for all her fine work, the Ambleside Dermedics team will be giving Marouska a small gift, but we are asking you for help—what do you think her present should be? Head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to share with us your ideas for an award.

adminFive-Star Service: CoolSculpting® Technician Receives Glowing Appraisal

Questions to Ask Before Getting Lip Fillers

One of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the nation is lip augmentation. At Ambleside Dermedics, we offer a wide range of volumising lip fillers, and we also value your safety and results. If you desire fuller lips, make sure you ask the medical professional performing the procedure the following questions for the best possible outcome:

What formula is being used to enhance my lips?

You should be informed about which injectables are being used for your treatment. Common options include JUVÉDERM® products, Belotero® Balance, and Emervel.

What is your experience in cosmetic injectables?

Ask your injector what his or her experience is, whether they’ve completed any special training, and how often they perform injections. Our skilled medical team has years of experience and Dr. Shehla Ebrahim routinely trains other practitioners in the latest techniques.

What will it feel like?

The lips can be very sensitive, but we offer local anesthetic to enhance your comfort. Know what to expect before you go in, and be sure to choose a practice that emphasizes your well-being.

When will I see results?

Each dermal filler has unique benefits, and some will offer faster results that others. Most hyaluronic acid-based injectables provide virtually instant results. Your physician should explain what to expect and when to expect it before the treatment.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effects for dermal fillers are minor swelling, bruising, and redness. Most patients report that these symptoms subside within a few days, but if you’re prone to swelling, you may wish to apply ice to the area for short periods. More significant effects are cause for contacting your doctor immediately.

AilishQuestions to Ask Before Getting Lip Fillers

Smooth Away Acne Scars with Dermal Fillers

Nearly everyone has experienced acne at some point in their lives. While this condition often is most prominent in the teen years, pimples can develop in men and women well into adulthood. Once the blemishes have healed, however, acne scars may be left behind. These bothersome marks can make your skin look and feel bumpy and uneven, and they may even affect your self-esteem. Fortunately, our skilled physician, Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, offers a non-surgical treatment option. Dermal fillers can be used to plump the indentations left by acne scars. There are many different formulations available, including JUVÉDERM®, Restylane® and Radiesse®. The right injectable for your needs will vary based on the type (or types) of scars you have.

Depending on the dermal filler used, you may see virtually instant improvement in the appearance of your acne scars. This technique is designed to be quick, although the number of scars addressed will affect the treatment time. It’s important to note that dermal fillers are temporary, and you may wish to return for maintenance sessions to extend the outcome. In addition to dermal fillers, we also offer laser skin resurfacing technology that may provide longer-lasting results.

We understand that acne scars can be just as unpleasant as acne, and we’re here to help. We offer numerous minimally invasive options to help you achieve the smooth, youthful, and beautiful skin you desire.

AilishSmooth Away Acne Scars with Dermal Fillers

83% of RealSelf Responders Confirm CoolSculpting® Is Worth It!

One our most popular body contouring treatments is CoolSculpting®, an FDA-approved minimally invasive procedure that can reduce targeted pockets of fat on the body. It is primarily used on areas where stubborn, diet and exercise-resistant fat tends to accumulate.

While there are now several treatments available to reduce excess fatty tissue, CoolSculpting® is unique in that it uses cold energy, a process known as Cryolipolysis™ to break up fat cells in a targeted location.

When a patient receives CoolSculpting® therapy, a body area-specific applicator or applicators will be selected based on the needs and goals of the individual. Suction draws in the fatty tissue, which is then exposed to precisely controlled freezing temperatures. This cold energy is designed to damage fat cells without harming surrounding tissue, after which the body’s natural metabolic processes can dispose of the broken-down fat over time.

Several recent studies have shown that CoolSculpting® can achieve between 20 and 30 percent reduction in the affected area. Results become visible over time and are fully complete after about three months. You can watch a CoolSculpting® testimonial here:https://youtu.be/MaYDV23BunQ

Your care and comfort are our highest priorities, which is why we’re proud to be a CoolSculpting® Certified Practice. Our experienced team has received extensive training from CoolSculpting® University, and Dr. ShehlaEbrahim has utilized Zeltiq®, the manufacturers of CoolSculpting®, with great track record of success.

The following seal confirms Dr. Ebrahim’s dedication to quality, safety, and results. To learn more about CoolSculpting® or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us today.

Sandy83% of RealSelf Responders Confirm CoolSculpting® Is Worth It!

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim Voted “Top Doctor” on RealSelf!

“Top Doctor” is a recognition that is awarded to less than 10% of the doctors on RealSelf.com.

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim earned this accolade by achieving high patient satisfaction through RealSelf reviews. She gives expert answers to client questions and provides videos on procedures.

On the RealSelf website you can:


  •      Search for doctors in your area
  •      Read patient reviews
  •      Watch videos made by Dr. Ebrahim on specific treatments
  •      Read questions and answers


For more information on any of the treatments Dr. Ebrahim addresses on RealSelf, as well as our other treatments available at Ambleside Dermedics, please contact us.

AilishDr. Shehla Ebrahim Voted “Top Doctor” on RealSelf!

CoolSculpting® Offers High Satisfaction and Effective Fat Reduction, Says Vancouver Physician

CoolSculpting®, a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, is designed to enhance body contour. Dr. Shehla Ebrahim of Ambleside Dermedics discusses the patient response to this procedure and touches on the reported benefits.

Vancouver, BC — Eighty-three percent of patients consider CoolSculpting® “worth it,” according to a poll conducted by medical resource website RealSelf.com. At her Vancouver medi-spa, Dr. Shehla Ebrahim says a high level of patient satisfaction is common in her experience as well. She attributes the popularity of this non-surgical fat reduction treatment to the broad array of benefits, which include a comparably low cost, minimal downtime, and noticeable results.

Many individuals prefer a non-invasive approach to fat reduction, explains Dr. Ebrahim. Her Certified CoolSculpting® technician, Marouska Smith, says the brief recovery is appealing compared with the downtime associated with liposuction. Smith adds that, unlike a surgical procedure, there is no scarring or incisions, and no needles or scalpels are required. “Following a CoolSculpting® treatment, you can walk out of the office and carry on with your day as usual.”

CoolSculpting® uses a suction-activated applicator to deliver cold energy into the targeted area. The freezing temperatures can destroy fat cells, Dr. Ebrahim explains, gradually causing fat loss in the treated region without affecting surrounding tissue. Smith says patients often choose to target fat on their stomach, thighs, hips, back, and bra-line area, and the treatment plan can be customized to suit the needs and goals of the individual.

Smith emphasizes that CoolSculpting®, like liposuction, is not designed to be a method of weight loss; however, it can help enhance body contour and eliminate excess fatty tissue when combined with a nutritious diet and exercise regimen. “The more someone is leading a healthy, active lifestyle, the better the result will be from CoolSculpting®”

According to Smith, “Weight gain can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially if it is something new to you. CoolSculpting® can help you get back to where you once were with your weight or help you to get to a place where you will be happier and more comfortable.”

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