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Look picture perfect and feel beautifully radiant on your special day with pre-wedding cosmetic treatments by Dr. Shehla Ebrahim & team. Let Dr. Shehla Ebrahim award winning expertise rejuvenate your skin, enhance your lips or contour your body just the way you’ve always wanted for your special day!

Planning is the key for the best results! Follow the Beauty Time Line below, select and schedule the cosmetic treatments you want most, and enjoy a bridal discount. Bring your mother or a best friend too! To learn more about our bridal packages,contact Ambleside Dermedics today.


girlMicrodermabrasion with SILKPEEL

Result: Glowing, smooth and radiant complexion

When To Come In: Five days before your wedding


botox-before-and-after BOTOX® Cosmetic

Result: Smooth, wrinkle-free skin on forehead, no more crow’s feet or frown lines and/or higher, arched eyebrows

When To Come In: 4 weeks before wedding


Juvederm-lip-filler-EEFuller lips


Result: Full, sexy lips and smooth skin

When To Come In: Three weeks before wedding


underarms440Laser Hair Removal

Result: Eliminate all unwanted body hairs for care-free, hair-free beauty

When To Come In: Three weeks before wedding


vein-spiderSpider Vein Removal

Result: Get rid of unsightly veins

When To Come In: Three months before wedding


wrinkle sun damageIPL Photorejuvenation

Result: Turns back the aging clock by eliminating sun damage, age spots, broken capillaries and rosacea – leaving a radient, youthful & bright skin

When To Come In: 1 month before wedding

Woman-side-profileSkin Care Treatments

Result: Beautiful, clear, younger-looking skin with at-home skin care products available only through a medical doctor. You will throw away all your other skin care products for good!

When To Come In: Four months before wedding

weight managementCoolSculpting

Results: Reduce stubborn fat by 20-30% on the love handles, lower belly, arms & inner/outer thighs

When To Come In: 4 months before your wedding


softlift-before-and-afterSoft Lift

Results: Using an artistic approach, Dr. Ebrahim uses the Botox Cosmetic® and Juvederm™ dermal filler to address multiple signs of aging at the same time, for an overall refreshed look that’s subtle and natural looking

When To Come In: 1 month before your wedding



Results: FDA cleared for lifting & tightening the skin of neck, brows & face using ultrasound technology

When to Come In: 3 months before wedding


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