Treatments for Men


At Ambleside Dermedics, we specialize in male skin care treatments and product consultation.  We understand the key differences between male and female skin and customize our treatments to meet individual needs.

The fact is men often neglect their skin. If you have concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, acne, facial scarring, sun damage or sagging jowls there are solutions available. We invite you to work with our award winning team to develop a customized treatment plan for your specific concerns. We have a variety of gold-standard technologies and techniques to help improve the appearance of your face and skin, rejuvenate your body, and meet your busy schedule and budget.

Some of the key differences in male skin vs. female skin is the skin thickness, collagen density,  texture and hydration.  It is important to recognize these differences and the skin’s individual needs when creating a skin care plan for men.

Some of our more popular treatments for men include:


“The Manly Jaw”




Angry frown lines


Dermal Fillers

Deep lines and folds


Soft Lift

Non-Surgical Face-Lift


10 Minute Non-Surgical Nose Job

Reshape your nose to balance facial features

male nose job

Acne Scarring

Don’t be reminded of your teenage acne




Say goodbye to stubborn pockets of fat by 20-30% on the areas such as love handles, lower belly, back fat and chest

men bellys

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