NEOCUTIS Skincare Products

Protecting and preserving your skin is more achievable than you may realize. Professional-grade skincare products from advanced skincare line NEOCUTIS make it easier than ever to stave off signs of aging, correct fine lines and sun damage, and nurture your skin for the long term. Dr. Shehla Ebrahim and our extensively trained medical team offer a range of options from this state-of-the-art skin revitalization brand, and we can assist you in determining which products can help you obtain the healthiest and most beautiful skin of your life.


Comprised of a patented formula called PSP®, BIO • CREAM delivers an innovative peptide blend of human growth factors, cytokines, and interleukins to refresh and restore the skin overnight. BIO • CREAM was designed for all skin tones and types and provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and creases
  • Enhances skin tone and texture
  • Visibly firms the skin
  • Replenishes moisture
  • Restores skin quality after cosmetic and medical procedures


Want hydrated, glowing, and bouncy skin that looks and feels young and beautiful? Apply NEOCUTIS BIO • GEL each night to address common signs of aging and plump the skin with moisture-inducing PSP® peptides. This formula is best suited for patients with oil-prone and shiny skin. Benefits include:

  • Noticeably reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin-plumping hydration
  • More nourished and less stressed skin
  • Increased elasticity
  • Improved radiance
  • Correction of dry skin caused by anti-acne treatments


The soft, delicate skin of the eye area is prone to developing fine lines, bags, and other signs of fatigue and aging. LUMIÉRE is designed to reduce puffiness, bags, and creases using its hydrating peptide formula, which includes caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and bisabolol (a type of essential oil). LUMIÉRE can also:

  • Alleviate under-eye puffiness
  • Plump the eye area to reduce sagging and bags
  • Diminish the appearance of dark circles
  • Refresh the eye area to reduce the appearance of fatigue

NEOCUTIS Intensive Anti-Aging BIO • SERUM

See anti-aging results in as little as one to two weeks with our intensive BIO • SERUM. This super-charged formula uses a higher percentage of PSP® and pro-collagen amino acids to counteract signs of aging and to deliver visible benefits quickly and beautifully. Use BIO • SERUM to:

  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Redefine facial contours for a smoother, younger look
  • Moisturize and plump the skin
  • Tighten, tone, and firm the skin
  • Enhance entire face, including delicate eye area

If you would like to learn more about NEOCUTIS and the products we offer, please schedule a consultation with our skilled team.

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